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Seachem Reef Adv. Strontium

Reef Advantage Strontium ™ restores and maintains strontium to levels found in natural seawater. Strontium is used by corals in the same way as calcium and has a far ...

Seachem Reef Adv. Strontium

Strontium occurs in natural seawater with a concentration of about 8 to 10 mg / L. It is chemically very similar to calcium and many organisms incorporate it in their skeletons together with calcium. The addition to reef aquariums helps the growth of corals, coral algae and other organisms that form a calcareous skeleton or dish, including tridacnide mussels.

Reef Advantage Strontium ™ restores and maintains strontium to levels that occur in natural seawater. Strontium is used by corals in the same way as calcium and has a similar interest in maintaining a vigorous growth rate. It is most useful in densely populated aquariums that require a continuous supply of strontium. Reef Advantage Strontium ™ is a highly concentrated (30,000 ppm), ionically balanced strontium supplement.

Unlike other strontium chloride products, Reef Advantage Strontium ™ is formulated so that it can be added directly to the aquarium. Competing products require a mix of an individual solution before it is added to the system.

Use of Seachem Reef Adv. Strontium

BEGINNER: Use 6 g (1 level teaspoon) twice a week per 150 L (40 gallons). Can be added directly to the aquarium. For precise dosing, use the Seachem Digital Spoon Scale.

ADVANCED: Check the strontium level and then follow the supplementation regimen until strontium is set to 8-12 mg / l. Every 6 g / 150 L increases the strontium by approximately 2 mg / L. The amount or frequency can be adjusted as required. Then use as required to maintain strontium.

EXPERT: Set a continuous drip system after determining the strontium depletion rate. Use the following formula to determine how much to add to your top water: m = vs / 30 (m = grams to add to top-off water, v = volume of the tank in liters, s = quantity to increase strontium in mg / L). For example, if you want to increase strontium by 6 mg / L in a 200 L aquarium, add (200x6) / 30 = 40 g to the top water. [For reference: 1 gallon = 3.8 liters]. Use the Reef Status ™: Strontium test kit to check strontium levels.

DO NOT OVERDOSE: Excessive strontium may increase the loss of carbonate alkalinity. Do not mix directly with a carbonate supplement. Best as strontium and carbonate additives are added on alternating days or at least 30 minutes apart.

Benefits of Seachem Reef Adv. Strontium

  • Restores and maintains strontium at levels in natural seawater
  • Dry strontium chloride
  • Of vital importance in preventing ionic imbalance
Seachem Reef Adv. Strontium
Seachem Reef Adv. Strontium


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