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Fresh natural sea water

Fresh natural sea water for your marine aquarium. The best for your marine aquarium!

Origin of sea water

The seawater we supply comes exclusively from the Eastern Scheldt. This seawater is the purest and most natural seawater on the Dutch coast, which is why it is so special. This is partly due to the lack of freight shipping and the implementation of the Delta Plan.

For the storage of the sea water we use special clean plastic tanks with a lot of flow / aeration. In order to obtain the purest water in the tank, the tides are closely monitored during each filling moment.

We know from experience that the seawater from the Oosterschelde is the purest of its kind. However, it is and remains a natural product. The values can differ due to weather influences, for example.


The seawater from the Oosterschelde is used for various purposes. We recommend filling a new aquarium largely or even completely with fresh seawater and providing an aquarium that is already running with fresh seawater at regular intervals (water change of 10%).

When you add fresh seawater to your aquarium you will immediately see that your corals get a "boost" and the water values stabilize. Fresh seawater contains a lot of animal and organic substances such as bacteria and plankton that are missing in seawater. Created seawater is too sterile and many corals therefore do not do well due to lack of nutrients.


We usually have about 5000 liters of fresh seawater in stock. The seawater can be collected (we fill your jerry can (s) on site or you buy our filled jerry can (s), but our filled jerry can (s) can also be shipped.


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