Measure & control

Something in the aquarium doesn't seem to be quite right. Algae, aquarium plants or corals die or aquarium fish die for no apparent reason. Recognizable? Then it's time to measure your water values. With an aquarium water test you can measure the most important water values in your aquarium and establish whether your aquarium is in good balance. This is important because the water values tell you whether and which actions you must perform to get a beautiful aquarium or to keep it.

Water quality testers

Everything you need for accurately checking and measuring your water values.

Salifert water quality testers

Salifert Profi Test Kits for reef, marine and advanced freshwater aquarists are some of the most accurate and accurate test kits on the market. Kits are available for all aspec...

Red Sea water quality testers

Everything you need for testing the water quality of your (marine) aquarium. Red Sea offers very good testers for almost every mineral or micro element. If you want to purchase...

AquaForest water quality testers

AquaForest currently only has a few tests on the market, but there will soon be more than one. The tests are of good quality and also provided with comparative fluid.

NYOS water quality testers

NYOS Reefer test kits bring testing to a laboratory level at an attractive price. Water quality testers from the NYOS brand.

Seachem water quality testers

Water quality testers from the Seachem brand.

AquaForest ICP-OES test

ICP-OES Laboratory Analysis of 36 Elements. There is a version for testing your aquarium water and a version for testing both your aquarium water and your RO (osmosis) water. Y...

Hanna pocket photometers

Hanna pocket photometers are very accurate. No longer comparing with a color chart, but reading the concentration of the measured substance directly on the display of the measu...

Milwaukee water quality measuring instruments

Milwaukee offers a wide range of water quality measuring instruments.

ICP-OES Water Analysis - enveloppe

This is a unique way to have the aquarium water professionally tested for all substances present ....

Salt meters

Salt floats, hydrometers (also known as areometer or baumé weigher) and refractometers for accurate measurement and determination of the desired salt content.

Refractometers & ijkvloeistoffen

Refractometers & calibration fluids for Refractometers. A refractometer is used to determine the refractive index of a liquid or a solid. The refractive index of liquids is...

Aqua Medic Hydrometer

High precision hydrometer for determining the specific weight, or the salt content in aquariums. Many inhabitants of the reef are very sensitive to fluctuations, so an accurate...

Tropic Marin Hydrometer

High precision hydrometer for determining the specific weight, or the salt content in aquariums. Many inhabitants of the reef are very sensitive to fluctuations, so an accurate...

AquaSynchro Hydrometer / Densimeter with pointer

This fillable density meter / hydrometer has a very high precision and is easy to use ....

Deep Six Hydrometer

Accurate salt meter to the latest developments. The water flows into the salt meter at 15 cm. depth which prevents incorrect readings. Only the bottom of the device is ...

Grotech Large areometer + thermometer

Grotech Large areometer + thermometer- 26 cm. Incl. measuring cylinder for salt measurement. For very accurate determination of the salt content in the water. Very accurate salt fl...

Compacte Hydrometer + temp. meter

Very compact Hydrometer + temp. meter. Extremely suitable for determining the salinity of your aquarium water. Comes with a solid plastic storage case to protect the glass salt flo...

Aqua Medic salimeter

Salimeter is a density meter (hydrometer) that can easily measure the specific gravity of salt water in aquariums. salimeter has a measuring range of 1,000 to 1,040 with an accurat...

Hanna water-resistant salinity meter seawater

HI98319 is a digital salt tester specially designed for saltwater aquariums and displays results in parts per thousand (ppt), Practical Salinty Units (PSU) or gravity (SG). This wh...

Aqua Medic hydroquick

Hold the hydroquick at the top and slowly submerge it until the inner chamber is filled with water. Make sure there are no air bubbles on the float to guarantee an accurate measure...

TDS meters

A TDS meter measures the amount of dissolved substances in the water. These meters are generally used to determine the quality of osmosis water.

DUAL TDS monitor - for measuring dissolved substances

The DM-1 helps you to measure the tap water at any time against the purified water that you leave your water filtration system ....

Milwaukee EC/TDS/Temp waterproof tester

EC59 Pocket-size conductivity / TDS / Temperature meter with replaceable electrode

D&D Pen type digital TDS meter

A TDS meter measures the amount of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in a solution. This is used to determine the purity of the water produced by your RO unit and gives an indication wh...

D&D in-line dual TDS meter

Inline TDS meter A TDS meter measures the amount of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in a solution. This measurement is used to determine the purity of the water produced by your RO un...

Digital conductivity & TDS tester

Digital conductivity & TDS tester is generally used to check whether the osmosis water from your osmosis device is still pure, or whether it is time to replace the filter cartr...


Nice gadgets for your (sea) aquarium

Aquadetect Wateralarm

The Aqua Detect protects your home and property against water damage and mold. Place the device in a place where the water pipe is under permanent pressure or can freeze. Other app...

QEye Wifi Camera

The QEye WIFI camera, with a resolution of up to 720p, can be controlled via a smartphone or tablet under iOS and Android. The QEye WIFI camera is very easy to use and is directly ...

QShooter - Fish Feeder

Qshooter is a pellet gun that is fun and fun to use. It is operated with the remote control and makes it possible to feed the fish in an unusual way through this pellet in the a .....

Computers & controllers

Computers and controllers for controlling processes in your (marine) aquarium

GHL aquariumcomputers

Aquarium computers and probes from the GHL brand. The latest type is the Profilux 4, which offers endless possibilities.

Tunze controllers

An unbeatable team - Turbelle® pumps with electronic motor and TUNZE® controllers. They can reproduce real reef currents in your tank. TUNZE® controllers concentrate on the ...

IKS aquastar

Aquarium computers and probes from the brand IKS aquastar

Hobby Bioterm temperature controller

Hobby Bioterm temperature controller allows you to set the temperature at which a device, for example, should turn on a chiller or heater or turn it off.

Neptune Apex Aquariumcomputers

The most successful aquariums are the aquariums with an owner who understands most of what's going on in their little world-in-a-glass box. The real key to enjoying this ho...

Overige Measure & control

Other products in the section Measure & control

Level control (Refill system)

Level control / Top-up system for your (sea) aquarium


Aquarium thermometers come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. Here you will find all types of aquarium thermeters.


PH probes, PH calibration fluids and PH cleaning fluid.

Holders for sensors, hoses and probes

Holders for clamping / holding sensors, probes and hoses. Ideal for holding GHL, APEX and more probes. Also suitable for holding snakes.

AutoAqua Smart AWC - Auto Water Change

Smart AWC Touch - Auto Water Change - is a very compact intelligent system that perfectly fulfills 2 functions: 1. Automatically compensating the water evaporation water from the a...

Tunze Calcium Dispenser

The addition of lime water is another method to increase calcium in marine aquariums. The calcium hydroxide is dissolved in a separate chamber by means of the water jet from the do...

Tunze Calcium Automatic

The Automatic Calcium Dispenser 3170 can be supplemented with a second reaction step. A Comline housing is equipped with an additional granulation chamber. They can be placed side ...