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Start-up of a sea aquarium (The beginning)

Successfully starting a marine aquarium is even better with our help!

The beginning:
First of all, we start setting up the aquarium. Placement is important here. A marine aquarium becomes very heavy. It is therefore advisable to purchase a corresponding cupboard. Not every sideboard is built to support the weight.

Look carefully where you want to put your aquarium. Among other things, ensure that the aquarium is not exposed to direct sunlight. This can cause strong algae growth. Furthermore, the aquarium may not be on the draft or next to a heating system that changes a lot in temperature. If you take the above factors into account, your tank will be much more stable to keep and you will enjoy it more.

After the aquarium is installed, it is time to fill it with water and see if all the equipment works properly. There are remedies available that would accelerate the start-up. These remedies consist mainly of good bacteria. These remedies do indeed contribute to a fast, good bacterial culture. However, a bacterium also needs time to settle. So do not think that the means that you can build up after 2 weeks. The start-up, unfortunately, requires a lot of patience even with the remedies. But if you can bear the patience, the result will be that you get a more stable aquarium that you can enjoy for longer. And, which is certainly important, you will also care less about the costs because the chance of dying is smaller.

Graph of the progress during the start-up of a marine aquarium

Note: These values are measured in our circumstances. Results may differ in other circumstances. This is an indication.

The water you fill the aquarium with should be osmosis water. Naturally made with good salts. At some locations in the country, however, the tap water is of good quality and pure tap water can be used for start-up and therefore not for refreshing. For example, in the The Hague region the tap water is of excellent quality. Because the quality of the tap water is not the same everywhere in the country, it is advised to always use osmosis water. The salt value must be 1.023. This can be measured with salt gauges or floats. Then allow the water to ripen for at least 1 week with the equipment running on the container. (Refresh is not necessary at start-up)

If you have a protein skimmer, which is advisable for almost all bins (except for nano aquariums), then know that there will be little foam in this phase. This is because there is still little organic load in the aquarium.


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