CO2 systems

Buy a CO2 system for your aquarium? Then you have come to the right place.

Complete CO2 sets

In general a complete CO2 set consists of, CO2 storage bottle, CO2 pressure regulator, CO2 bubble counter, CO2 reactor for even dosing and possibly a CO2 bottle holder, cleanin...

CO2 pressure regulators

A CO2 pressure regulator lowers the high pressure of the CO2 bottle (approx. 60 bar) to the desired low pressure (approx. 2 bar) for the user. The basic pressure regulators hav...

CO2 bubble counters

With CO2 bubble counters you can measure the amount of added CO2. It is important to be able to check the added CO2 because it also reveals deviations due to defective regulato...

CO2 diffusors

By using a CO2 diffuser, the added CO2 is optimally absorbed in the water.

CO2 reactors

CO2 reactors are intended for the optimal dissolution of CO2! Unlike CO2 diffusers, CO2 reactors do not release CO2 gas directly into the aquarium. Instead, aquarium wa...

CO2 accessories

Accessories for CO2 systems such as check valves, bends, taps, hoses, suction cups and much more

CO2 bottles

Most CO2 bottles can be refilled at any gas dealer or at some gas stations.

CO2 liquids and tablets

Turnkey solutions for adding CO2 in liquid or tablet form.

Aquatic Nature CO2 VISUAL TEST

CO2 (carbon dioxide) is one of the most important elements for aquatic plants. Plant growth stagnates with insufficient carbon dioxide content, on the other hand a lot of CO2 is ha...


The Aquatic Nature SOLENOID VALVE or pulsator solenoid valve from Aquatic Nature is absolutely sound-free. Its consumption is only 0.1 watt per hour! The solenoid valve can only be...

AquaHolland CO2 solenoid valve

An electro valve or solenoid valve is an electromagnetic device that is used to allow or exclude liquids or gases. This is done by an electric current whether or not by ...