Protein skimmers

The protein skimmer is by no means an unknown device for marine aquarists. On the contrary, it simply belongs to the basic equipment. The foam in the protein skimmer is created by an intensive mixing of water and air.

Protein skimmers

Internal and external protein skimmers clearly arranged by brand and type.

Deltec protein skimmers

Deltec is a company that has been successfully producing protein skimmers for more than 25 years. The foams / skimmers are made by hand and will last for years. The Deltec 600i...

Deltec hang-on protein skimmers

Compact external protein skimmer with all the power of the Deltec needle wheel. ------- Deltec is a company that has been successfully producing protein skimmer...

Bubble Magus protein skimmers

Bubble Magus protein skimmers are known for their excellent performance at a very affordable price. Ocean Store always has the latest Bubble Magus skimmer models in its range.

Tunze protein skimmers

The Tunze series of protein skimmers offers a new compact skimmer that is specially made for the Nano aquariums (20 to 140 liters), but also large protein skimmers for aquarium...

NYOS protein skimmers

The NYOS protein skimmers are equipped with a newly developed hybrid wheel. This extremely precisely manufactured impeller, built with super light materials, combines the advan...

Hydor protein skimmers

These are the new protein skimmers from Hydor. This line consists of the Hydor Nano / Slim-Skim Skimmers. These are compact protein skimmers for the smaller aquariums available...

Vertex protein skimmers

Vertex protein skimmers are top quality protein skimmers.

Mini Bubble King protein skimmers

Mini Bubble King skimmers internally are currently the parade horses of Royal exclusive for medium aquariums. These skimmers have an easily removable collection cup, are whispe...

Bubble king protein skimmers

Royal Exclusiv is the number 1 manufacturer when it comes to protein skimmers. These skimmers are equipped with energy-efficient Red Dragon pumps and have an unrivaled capacity...

Aqua Medic EVO protein skimmers

The Aqua Medic EVO protein skimmers can be universally mounted on the aquarium. As a 'hang on' it can be hung on the edge of the aquarium. Only the venturi pump is in t...

Aqua Medic power flotor protein skimmers

The power flotor skimmer is available in three sizes: S for aquariums up to 300 liters, M for aquariums up to 400 liters, L for aquariums up to 500 liters.

Aqua Medic K-series protein skimmers

Adjustable and very powerful protein skimmers from the Aqua Medic brand for placement in the sump. There are three models, respectively for 500, 1000 and even 1500 liters of aq...

ATI protein skimmers

ATI protein skimmer. ATI is a very good quality brand and supplies top quality protein skimmers.

Ruwal protein skimmers

Professional protein skimmers for those who take their aquarium hobby very seriously.

AquaForest protein skimmers

Protein skimmers are the newest in the AquaForest range. And as we are used to from AquaForest, they are not the first the best, but also very good protein skimmers with aquabe...

Eheim protein skimmers

Eheim offers 3 types of protein skimmers for small aquaria to larger aquariums.

Resun Mini protein skimmers

The mini protein skimmers from Resun have been completely renewed, they are smaller in appearance but produce a lot of foam and have improved several points. Older types were a...

Accessories for Protein Skimmers

Filters, silencers, linden wood outflowers for older type protein skimmers.

ATI Carbo Ex - removes CO2 from sucked-in air for skimmer

ATI Carbo Ex - removes CO2 from sucked-in air for skimmer Carbo Ex is a plug-and-play air filter that contains a fine dust filter in addition to the granulate for CO2 r...

Hobby Airblock from linden wood

Airblock from lime wood for very fine air bubbles. Made from sustainably stored lime wood and therefore very durable. Is often used for seawater aquariums and is ideal for use ...

Fauna Marin Skim Breeze Reactor

Fauna Marin Skim Breeze Reactor is a special air filter that is used for connection to the air inlet of a protein skimmer for air purification and CO2 reduction.

Aqua Medic Lindenwood outflow

Wooden (lime-wood) air stones for air-driven protein skimmers

Silencer for skimmer (connection 4-6mm)

Air dampers are used for damping the sound of protein skimmers or difusors. The sound is created by sucking in the air. This can be a gulping sound ....

Aqua Medic Silencer 100/200

The Aqua Medic Silencer 100 and Silencer 200 reduce the air intake noise of a skimmer pump. This incoming sound is sometimes experienced as very disturbing and almost completely pr...

Red Sea Linden wood airblock

Lime outflowers are used for older type protein skimmers that work with an air pump and a linden hopper outflow. Due to the special water-attracting properties of the linden wood, ...