Osmosis water

Phosphates and nitrates are present in tap water. Our body will not be affected by this, but there are other requirements for marine aquarium water. That is why we currently only rely on osmosis water or demineralised water to produce seawater.

Ocean Store offers you a wide range of osmosis devices that are easy to use. With an osmosis device you can make demineralised water yourself, which you can then use to supplement the evaporation in your marine aquarium or to use it as a basis for producing seawater.

Jerrycan 20L filled with osmosis water

Osmosis water for your (marine) aquarium. The best top-up water for your marine aquarium!

Aqua Medic refill depot

Handy container for storing osmosis water. There is a version with cap and tap and a version with a plug cap with recess. The version with plug cap and recess is the most suitable ...

Empty 20L jerry can

Clean, new 20L jerry can with cap. Suitable for, for example, transporting or storing osmosis or sea water....