Osmosis water

Phosphates and nitrates are present in tap water. Our body will not be affected by this, but there are other requirements for marine aquarium water. That is why we currently only rely on osmosis water or demineralised water to produce seawater.

Ocean Store offers you a wide range of osmosis devices that are easy to use. With an osmosis device you can make demineralised water yourself, which you can then use to supplement the evaporation in your marine aquarium or to use it as a basis for producing seawater.

Vertex osmosis devices & parts

Vertex osmosis devices are the "top-of-the-bill" when it comes to osmosis devices. Vertex produces very good quality ready-made osmosis devices with a high yield. The...

Aqua Medic osmosis devices

Below you will find all Aqua Medic osmosis devices. There are different lines with different qualities of water and different appearances per day.

D&D Reverse osmosis unit

D&D Reverse osmosis units are of very good quality. Reverse osmosis water is essentially free of chlorine, nitrates, phosphates and heavy metals. It is ideal for making sea...

CleanTec osmosis devices

CleanTec is a new highly competitive line of osmosis devices. Very good osmosis devices for a low price.

AquaHolland osmosis devices & parts

AquaHolland osmosis devices are very affordable and have a very good quality. All parts can be delivered quickly, so changing filters and membranes will never cause any problem...

Aquatic Nature osmosis devices & parts

Aquatic Nature

osmosis is passive transport of water molecules through a semi-permeable membrane
- the openings in the cell membrane are large enough to all...

Osmosis hoses, couplings and taps

Here you will find all parts and accessories for reverse Osmosis devices such as osmosis hoses, couplings, taps, pumps and TDS meters.

Filter cartridges for osmosis devices

The filter cartridges in osmosis devices must be replaced regularly. The use of a TDS meter is desirable to test the quality of the osmosis water and whether it is necessary to...

Deionization resin / resin

At Ocean Store you are at the right place for the highest quality deionization resin / resin granules for total deionization of water. This is generally used as a final filter ...


A booster pump with an osmosis device offers many advantages. The biggest advantage of using a booster pump is an increase in yield so that osmosis water is produced fa...

DUAL TDS monitor - for measuring dissolved substances

The DM-1 helps you to measure the tap water at any time against the purified water that you leave your water filtration system ....

Milwaukee EC/TDS/Temp waterproof tester

EC59 Pocket-size conductivity / TDS / Temperature meter with replaceable electrode

Aqualight Picobello, Revers osmosis unit 190L/day

Cost effective complete reverse osmosis installation with hose and tap connection 3/4 inch ...