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Seachem Discus Buffer


Seachem Discus Buffer

Discus Buffer helps to create the ideal discus environment (low pH and low GH). Discus Buffer lowers the pH and keeps it low. Discus Buffer also softens water by removing calcium and magnesium. Use Seachem Discus Trace to restore the correct level of trace elements. Seachem Neutral Regulator and Seachem Discus Buffer can be used in combination to achieve a desired pH when making water changes or adding water. Then use the information below as a guide. These data have been prepared with the use of osmosis water in order to achieve a correct pH in tap water.
Neutral Regulator 1, Discua Buffer 1, the pH then becomes 6.8
Neutral Regulator 1, Discua Buffer 2, the pH then becomes 6.4
Neutral Regulator 1, Discua Buffer 3, the pH then becomes 6.3
Neutral Regulator 1, Discua Buffer 4, the pH then becomes 6.1
Neutral Regulator 1, Discua Buffer 6, the pH then becomes 6.0
Neutral Regulator 1, Discua Buffer 9, the pH then becomes 5.8

Benefits of Seachem Discus Buffer

  • Adjusts the pH to 5.8 - 6.8
  • Helps replicate the ideal Discus environment
  • Use with Neutral Regulator® to achieve a pH

Dosage Seachem Discus Buffer

Use 5 grams (1 level teaspoon) daily for every 40-80 liters of water until the desired pH value is achieved. Then use once a month or when changing water as required to maintain the pH value. For a good dose, the Aqua Medic spoon scale is very easy. To increase the PH, use the Seachem Neutral Regulator. To achieve a certain desired pH value, use the Seachem Discus Buffer in combination with Seachem Neutral Regulator. Use Seachem Prime to dehydrate the tap water before you do a water change.

Contains phosphate buffers and conditioners. Safe for all freshwater fish that are used to a low pH.

Seachem Discus Buffer
Seachem Discus Buffer


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