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Tunze Skimmer type DOC9001

Tunze Skimmer type DOC9001 - compl. for aquariums up to 140 liters ...

The Tunze DOC 9001 is a new compact protein skimmer, made especially for the Nano aquariums from 20 to 140 liters. The Tunze DOC 9001 protein skimmer uses 2.5 watts, which is very little, thanks to a new way of pumping technology. The protein skimmer runs very smoothly, and is also equipped with a damper as standard, all this ensures that the foamer is one of the quietest of this capacity.

Specifications Tunze DOC 9001

  • Tunze DOC 9001 protein skimmer
  • Immersion depth: approx. 150 mm to 160 mm.
  • Skimmer cup volume: 0.2 L, air output: approx. 140 l / h.
  • Power consumption: 2.4W, 230 v / 50 Hz.
  • Dimensions: L 110 x W 63 x H 215 mm
  • magnet holder up to 10mm glass thickness
  • This is the protein skimmer that fits almost any nano sea water aquarium.
Tunze Skimmer type DOC9001
Tunze Skimmer type DOC9001


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