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1 LINK Module

Loose 1LINK module to connect WAV flow pumps.

Wav 1 Link Power / Comm Module

1LINK Easy, one-click installation

The WAV is the first in the series of new aquarium products from Neptune Systems that uses this new interface. While many products in the aquarium world are embracing wireless technologies, Neptune Systems has opted for a different direction: a wire.

Wireless communication from your smartphone or tablet is of course completely logical and that embraces too. But wireless communication for technology that is used directly around or in the aquarium should not be wireless, because it is simply less reliable.

Our philosophy is that when distances are longer - for example a meter - wireless could be a problem. And, ironically, wireless means no less wires. You still need a cord to power your device. Let's not forget the configuration especially: wireless products have to be synchronized. Endlessly pressing a button and tricky methods to get a product connected (hopefully not that of your neighbor).

Even if there are benefits, you as a customer pay the extra costs involved with the wireless product.

Our solution to this problem is 1LINK. It is called 1LINK, because only one power adapter is needed, one module (for a maximum of 3 1LINK devices) and a one-click installation of a cable that not only supplies the power to the product, but also takes care of the two-way communication from and to your Apex. Installation is simply click-and-ready.

Less cables, less configuration, less headaches and the best for you as a consumer: less expensive.

1 LINK Module
1 LINK Module


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  • Wav 1 Link Power / Comm Module

    Separate 1LINK module to connect WAV flow pumps.
    € 190.00