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Apex Display Module

Separate display module that can be connected to an APEX computer.

Apex Display Module

Mechanical push buttons

This Display Module uses high-quality mechanical push buttons. Nice and important would you think? Now, many products use touch sensitive buttons. This type of knob is great for your toaster, but in a salt water environment it is asking for problems. So although it is more expensive to produce, Neptune Systems has chosen to use mechanical push buttons in their Display Module. Making a longer lifespan guaranteed.

Screen with high resolution, lighting and adjustable contrast

A screen that is easy to read, with a comfortable format has been chosen. Â A color screen has not been chosen because it adds little to functionality. The graphic screen with backlight gives the perfect balance between function and purchase value.

Built-in speaker with multiple alarm tones

Inside the Apex Display Module is a small speaker with a big heart. This speaker plays one of the many sounds and tunes that are built into the Apex. These alarms are ideally suited to warn of water leakage, excess temperature or any other condition that you can program in your Apex.

Possibility of multiple Display Modules

With the Apex Display Module you are not limited to having just one control panel. You can optionally add two or even three Display Modules to your Apex. All with the same format and functionality as the standard Display Module supplied.

Apex Display Module
Apex Display Module


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  • Apex Display Module

    Separate display module that can be connected to an APEX computer.
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