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CaribSea LifeRock

Real aragonitic base rock, not cement, no curing. Extensive macro and micro porosity through ...

So real, so ready. Are you that for CaribSea LifeRock too?

Safe for all fish and inverts, it is an aragonite base material (contains no cement), does not require curing, and is infused with spore, living bacteria. Once placed in water, the dormant bacteria will come to life and begin to colonize, helping to accelerate the cycle / maturation process. CaribSea Life Rock is colored to simulate real coral algae, so you don't have to wait 6-8 months for coral algae to grow into a mature looking tank.

Build a beautiful reef with CaribSea LifeRock

We recommend 1 kg of Life Rock per 10 liters of aquarium water for an open reef with more space for your fish to swim and 1 kg per 5 liters of water for a denser reef so you can create more caves / crevices and more space around your corals to place.

Fast facts CaribSea LifeRock

  • Great for sea fishing or reef tanks only
  • The ultimate alternative to living stone
  • Environmentally friendly and economical
  • Rapid biological balance
  • No pollution, no pests, can be built dry


  • CaribSea LifeRock with Bacteria Cardboard 18.14 Kg
  • CaribSea LifeRock with Bacteria Cardboard 9.07 Kg
CaribSea Live Base Rock
CaribSea LifeRock



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  • CaribSea Life Rock with Bacteria Karton 9,07 Kg

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  • CaribSea Life Rock with Bacteria Karton 18,14 Kg

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