Maxspect Nano-Tech Bio-Spheres & Blocks

Revolutionary Nano-technological product with an enormous surface area for stable bacterial living space.

- Stabilized microbial waste water treatment technology with biological aerated filter (W-BAF).
- Ultra-high surface-to-cross connection ratio and filtration area.
- Nano-Tech Bio-Sphere / Block is made of ceramic beads and is completely inert.

This product is suitable for both fresh and salt water.

Maxspect Nano-Tech Bio-Sphere

Each sphere has an area of 580ft2 - 20 orbs corresponds roughly to 40+ pounds / 20 kilos Live Rock! Ultra-Compact Biological Filtration Media ...

Maxspect Nano-Tech Bio-Block

Each unit of the 'nano-tech' Bio-block has an area of 1,080 M² (11,635ft²) for the production of bacterial colonies. The 'nano-tech' Bio-block is excellent for .....