Easy Reefs nutrition

Easy Reefs has launched a number of very special products on the market under the name DKI marine, Masstick, easydose and Freez-Dried Microalgae. This concerns products such as top quality fish food to micro algae and phytoplankton suitable for feeding feed-dependent corals.

Easy Reefs Easybooster 250 ml - fytoplankton

Liquid phytoplankton in a 250 ml format. Ready for use and to dose directly into the aquarium. ...

Easy Reefs Masstick

Masstick is a mix of various, all natural, own production, highly technical connections, providing natural and balanced food for omnivorous fish and invertebrate marine animals.

Easy Reefs DKI marine granulate food

DKI marine is a balanced diet, developed to meet the nutritional needs of omnivorous coral reef fish Comes in the form of soft granules with a neutral buoyancy ...