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D&D Polyplab RF Genesis Rock x2

Increase your tank's overall filtration power by adding these two Genesis Rocks and using a Polyplab Genesis bacterial supplement....

D&D Polyplab RF Genesis Rock x2

Increase the overall filtration power of your tank by adding these two Genesis Rocks and using a Polyplab Genesis bacterial supplement.

  • Includes 2x Genesis Rocks (10x10x2.5cm)
  • 2150 additional square feet of bacterial space for each block.
  • Reduces phosphates and other dissolved organic compounds.
  • Increased beneficial bacterial colonies.
  • Zero Leach Technology - 100% fired ceramic.
  • Rocks are suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquariums

What is Genesis rock?

Genesis Rock is a 100% ceramic compound fired at 600+ degrees that will last in your tank for years. These blocks provide more than 2150 square feet of space per block for the formation of beneficial aquarium bacteria, provide a tremendous amount of filtration power and significantly reduce phosphates, nitrates and other dissolved organic compounds. The Genesis Rock can be used in freshwater or saltwater aquariums and can be used under your sand or rock substrate, in your refugium or simply hidden in your aquascape.

Genesis Rock usage:

Each Genesis Rock can support an aquarium of up to 1300 liters, this kit includes a 2600 liter cover with two rocks. Heavier biological load tanks, such as predator tanks, for example, should increase the coverage suggested above.

Rinse material well with purified water, but preferably aquarium water. Our bedrock is specially designed for now leaching so we have very little dust, but we recommend washing it just to be safe.

Place Genesis Rock in a plastic container, fill it with aquarium water and add your favorite bacterial product (our favorite is Polyplab Genesis). Add your bacteria to the container based on the size of the aquarium you are adding the rocks to. Leave your Genesis Rocks for at least 12 hours and then place them in your aquarium. If you are not using a bacterial supplement, you can place rock directly in the aquarium after rinsing. You can discard the soaked water to make sure no microscopic dust gets into your tank.

Using more blocks than the capacity recommended above is okay and will increase your filtration ability.

Aerobic – Optimized for nitrite and ammonia removal

To use the Genesis Rocks to create aerobic bacteria, place the blocks above the water level over your refugium, overflow or suspended in your system. Run tank water over the rocks and run the overflow into your sump, refugium, or display. Don't let your entire system flow over the rocks, only about 40 gallons per hour is estimated for this application.

Anaerobic – Optimized for Nitrate Removal

Install the Genesis Rocks in a very low flow area, devoid of as much oxygen below the waterline as possible. This could be a low watershed in your sump or refugium, under your sand, or in your aquascape. Anaerobic bacteria break down most of the nitrate in these low-oxygen environments.

Aerobic and Anaerobic – Optimized for General Performance

Install the Genesis Rocks in a medium flow area of ​​your tank, sump, refugium or other part of your system with a medium flow of water. This allows the outside of your Genesis Rocks to spread aerobic bacteria, while the inner parts of your Genesis Rocks generate anaerobic bacteria.

*Be careful not to place the Genesis Rock in an area where it could rub against other equipment and cause damage to the block, such as a vibrating protein skimmer for example.

D&D Polyplab RF Genesis Rock x2
D&D Polyplab RF Genesis Rock x2

Video D&D Polyplab RF Genesis Rock x2


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