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Bubble King 300 de Luxe internally

aq. 1200-3000 L / 2000 L / h. / 3000 L. water / h. (ground surface vl. 32 x 50 cm. Height 65 cm. Pump 58w.)

These skimmers are equipped with energy-efficient Red Dragon pumps and have an unrivaled capacity.

  • Suitable for aquariums from 1200-3000 liters
  • Ground area 320x500 mm.
  • Height 650 mm.
  • 58 watt pump.

Today there is a wonderful skimmer generation on the market. These skimmers are completely different from all other skimmers that are available so far. All parts are manufactured by Royal Exclusiv on highly accurate CNC lathes. Because of their revolutionary new quality concepts, the old techniques of protein skimmers are in many cases a thing of the past. In short, the Bubble King series is all about solid quality.

Bubble King 300 de Luxe internally
Bubble King 300 de Luxe internally

An air distribution plate is located at the bottom of the protein skimmer to achieve the most constant upward flow possible. This results in a highly efficient skimming of pollution with a minimum of water loss. This plate is completely fabricated on a CNC lathe to get good conical holes, for a good distribution of the introduced air.

All Bubble King Deluxe protein skimmers are equipped with a Bubble King pump that is based on the acclaimed Red Dragon pump. With this pump there is a possibility to suck in air without damaging the pump. The Bubble King pump can suck up to 2000 liters of air per hour. This amount of air is enough to achieve good skimming. The innovative techniques and innovations may mean that even more efficient yields are currently being achieved with lower energy consumption.

The Bubble King Deluxe protein skimmers are very small with a maximum height of 75 cm. There is also a detachable collection tray mounted on top of the protein skimmer, this facilitates the removal of contamination from the collection tray. This also reduces the installation dimension of the protein skimmer. A seal manufactured on the CNC lathe guarantees a perfect seal and easy removal.

For the adjustable internal water level, the skimmer is equipped with a telescopic tube as standard. This allows you to adjust the water level internally to achieve optimum skimming.


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    aq. 1200-3000 L. / 2000 L/u. / 3000 L. water/u. (grond opp. vl. 32 x 50 cm. Hoogte 65cm. Pomp 58w.
    € 1649.49 € 1774.00