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ATK MP6038 pump 6000l

ATK MP6038 pump 6000l - 3.8m. on V. / 75w .. The ATK MP6038 pump is of very good industrial quality. ...

ATK MP6038 pump 6000l - 3.8m. on V. / 75w.

The seal of the shaft housing is one of the most important parts of a rotary pump. Most malfunctions are caused by poor seals and bearings. The ATK MP pumps are permanently magnetically driven by means of a synchronous coupling. A magnetic external rotor, driven by a regular electric motor, efficiently sends rotational momentum to a magnetic internal rotor. Between the external and internal rotor is a distributor plate or distributor head, which closes the inner tube from the environment. The internal rotor and rotor blades share a common axis here. Rotary pumps with magnetic drive have the advantage over regular pumps that they do not heat up and therefore do not give off heat to the environment. Because the distributor plate or distributor head in the ATK MP pumps is made of plastic, corrosion is excluded. The permanent magnets are made of sintered material and do not require extra protection against corrosion due to their high corrosion resistance.


  • Very efficient operation
  • No gaskets
  • No heat transfer to the water
  • Energy efficient
  • Extremely quiet
  • Water-lubricated plain bearings made of ceramic resp. Silizium carbide
  • Magnetic coupling with air-cooled induction motor
  • Rotatable pump head can be rotated through 90 °
  • 100% seawater resistant
  • German quality product from Aqualight


  • Consumption: 230 V / 50 Hz 75 W
  • Power: 6000 l / h
  • Head height: 3.8 m
  • Connection suction / discharge side 40 / 40mm
ATK MP6038 6000l
ATK MP6038 pump 6000l


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    ATK MP6038 pomp 6000l

    ATK MP6038 6000l - 3.8m. on V. / 75w .. The ATK MP6038 pump is of very good industrial quality.
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