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AquaLight Calcium Bio Power

CALCIUM BIO POWER supplies calcium and CO2 in an optimal ratio. No by-products, stable pH value....

AquaLight Calcium Bio Power

By adding EDTA or gluconate calcium compounds, by-products are added to the water. When lime water is added, the pH value changes.

CALCIUM BIO POWER supplies calcium and CO2 in an optimal ratio. No by-products, stable pH value.

We recommend checking the density every few weeks and, if the density increases, compensate with fresh water.


With intensive water movement, apply CALCIUM BIO POWER as finely as possible to the water surface and stir well. Do not add the next dose until it has completely dissolved. To avoid irritation, CALCIUM BIO POWER should be placed in the filter and if possible not directly in the aquarium. CALCIUM BIO POWER dissolves immediately in finely divided form. If the overdose is added in a lumpy way, lime precipitates irreversibly (the process cannot be reversed), the water becomes cloudy and carbon dioxide is formed as a reaction product. It is therefore essential to avoid overdosing.


We recommend 28 g per 100 liters of aquarium water twice a week. At this dosage, the calcium content is increased by approximately 35 ppm (Mg/litre). That is about 10% of the amount of calcium. Never exceed this in one day. Natural seawater is practically saturated with about 394 ppm calcium (mg per liter). This value should not be increased to more than 420 ppm.

Excessive overdoses can lead to precipitation. Measure your calcium level regularly and set it to approx. 390 - 420 ppm with Calcium Bio Power.

  • for seawater - in powder form
  • Calcium Bio Power adds calcium, CO2, magnesium and stabilizes the pH/KH value
  • No by-products, no ion shift
AquaLight Calcium Bio Power
AquaLight Calcium Bio Power


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