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Gafzak holder for Gafzak 10 cm

Gafzak holder for Gafzak 10 cm. - diameter 14 cm. - plexiglass ...

A Gaf bag is a filtration bag consisting of various layers of pressure-pressed, water-permeable fiber material. Originally the Gafzak was only used industrially and should actually work in a closed pressure filter. But because of its intricacy, the aquarium world soon came up with the idea of using them without pressure due to the very fine filter material. Depending on the density in (micron), this filter bag holds back coarse and fine dirt.

Filter socks or hand bags are the most simple and effective way of mechanical filtration. They remove surplus food, detritus, organic material, "dust" and other floating particles. By filtering all these substances out of the water, you reduce the organic burden on the aquarium water that normally causes (unwanted) ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. Filter socks or hand bags also block larger things, such as sand, crabs, slag, etc. that can damage the pump (s). Regular use of the gift bag will result in a lower organic load and crystal clear water. A gift bag is ideal for both fresh and seawater aquariums.

Technical info

  • Plexiglass holder for gift bag 10 cm.

Gafzak holder for Gafzak 10 cm
Gafzak holder for Gafzak 10 cm


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Filtersock diameter : 10 cm Filtersock type : Holder
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  • Gafzak holder for Gafzak 10 cm

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