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ATI Sun Power 4x80 watt

A favorite among hobbyists who want top-of-the-line performance at a low cost. Just like the ATI PowerModule, the SunPower Miro-Silver has reflectors and an active cooling system for optimum pre ...

A favorite among hobbyists who want top-of-the-line performance at a low cost. Just like the ATI PowerModule, the SunPower Miro-Silver has reflectors and an active cooling system for optimum performance and a long service life of the lamps. The curved aluminum housing is both stylish and economical.

Unrivaled performance

Superior design and high-end components produce 50% more light than most equally large T5 luminaires. An active cooling system allows the lamps to be used at a more optimal temperature, which improves both the output and the life of the lamp.

Contemporary design

The slim, silver-colored body is lightweight, durable and rust-proof. All components, including the T5 ballasts, are enclosed in the housing of the fixture. The only things outside the fixture are a small junction box, two power cords, and an AC / DC adapter for turning the fans.

Independent Lamp Control

Wired with two lamps per power cable, provides independent control and day / night twilight simulation.

Energy efficient

Produces up to 50% more light than most other, even-sized T5 fixtures, without using more energy.

Calm, Cool Operation

Very economical high-quality ventilation produces virtually no noise.

ATI Sunpower:

  • Individual Parabolic style Reflectors made of silver-coated 98% Reflective
  • Aluminum
  • Active Cooling System
  • Built-in electronic ballast
  • acrylic Shield
  • 3 meter Power Cords (x2)
  • Slim, Adjustable 'Griplock' Style Hanging Kit

The Sunpower series have always been known for their exceptional light output. Combined with a stylish design, the Sumpower aquarium lighting series has all the required capacities. Characterized by its flat design and stainless steel look, the Sunpower has a timeless elegant style. An improved airflow reach was extensively tested, which led to a further increase in the efficiency of the light in the end result. Exceptional performance, improved temperature management, but also accurately calculated individual reflectors of high-tech materials are responsible for the high quality and service life of the Sunpower lighting fixtures. This high quality reflector material (98% of total light reflection), which is currently almost exclusively in ATI light, resulting in up to 10% higher light efficiency than high-gloss aluminum reflectors, which are normally found in T5 lamps. A vibration-free fan offers you almost complete silence. TÜV-tested steel wire connections allow a continuous adjustment of the lamp height and angle. A Plexiglas plate provides the necessary protection for the water and can easily be taken out.

The new Sunpower combines many useful features with excellent optical performance and attractive design.

The benefits in overview

  • Unbeatable light output ratio thanks to the use of the world's best reflector material and focused for maximum heat dissipation of the lamp power.
  • No annoying glare, since the total light output is directed downwards.
  • Simple operation with infinitely adjustable cable, suspension, height and angle, easily removable splashguard plate and separate operation of the lamp groups.
  • High safety, TUV-tested Steel suspensions and the use of high-quality components (frames, ECG ...).
  • Fair prices, despite the use of a number of expensive components (eg high-tech reflector material).
ATI Sun Power 4x80 watt
ATI Sun Power 4x80 watt

The choice of lighting is a matter of personal taste, what works for one does not necessarily want to be a good choice for the other.

In consultation with a number of customers, we came to the most frequently chosen combinations below.

If you want more Blue, simply replace an Aquablue Special for a Blue Plus

4 TL combination 6 TL combination 8 TL combination
2 ATI Aquablue Special 3 ATI Aquablue Special 4 ATI Aquablue Special
1 ATI Blue Plus 2 ATI Blue Plus 2 ATI Blue Plus
1 ATI Purple Plus 1 ATI Purple Plus 2 ATI Purple Plus

You can order T5 TL lighting tubes here

Dimensions and weights of the ATI Sun Power Fixtures

Version in watts Length in mm Width in mm Height in mm Weight in kg
4 x 24 588 240 60 3.6
4 x 39 888 240 60 4.5
4 x 54 1188 240 60 4.75
6 x 24 588 340 60 4.60
6 x 39 888 340 60 5.70
6 x 54 1188 340 60 6.80
6 x 80 1488 340 60 8.00
8 x 24 588 440 60 9.00
8 x 39 888 440 60 10.0
8 x 54 1188 440 60 13.0
8 x 80 1488 440 60 16.0


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