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Aquarium silicone sealant black

NKF AQUA STRONG Elastic one-component silicone kit for the (sea) aquarium, terrarium and showcase construction.

NKF AQUA STRONG black, is a safe one-component silicone sealant for the construction of freshwater and saltwater aquariums. After application, the silicone sealant reacts with air humidity and forms a durable rubber seal.

NKF AQUA STRONG Aquarium silicone sealant can be used as an adhesive and seal for fully glass structures such as aquariums and terrariums. Between glass façade panels of buildings. The product adheres well to glass, without primer.

NKF AQUA STRONG Aquarium silicone sealant is fully cured non-toxic to fish. It is recommended to keep a joint of 1 to 2 mm thickness between the sides and between the side and the bottom. Finish internal corners as a triangular joint of 3 to 5 mm depending on the water level. The sealant must be fully cured, with a curing time of approximately 1 week, before it can be moved or filled with water. After the kit has cured, the aquarium should be rinsed several times with water.

Aquarium silicone sealant black
Aquarium silicone sealant black


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  • Aquarium silicone sealant black

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