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Vertex illumina 260 - 65 cm.

Vertex illumina 260 - 65 cm. LED fixture incl computer 4 x LED pad a 16 pcs. - 160w. The Vertex Illumina 260 is the improvement of the Illumina 200. The 260 uses the newer and efficient ...

Vertex illumina 260 - 65 cm. LED fixture incl computer 4 x LED pad a 16 pcs. - 160w.

The Vertex Illumina 260 is the improvement of the Illumina 200. The 260 uses the newer and more efficient XP-G LEDs. For the same energy consumption one gets about 30% more light (XP-E produces 100 lm / W and the XP-G 139 lm / W).

Under its sleek, ultra-thin exterior, the Vertex Illumina has high quality LEDs on board, offering powerful lighting at extremely low levels of energy consumption. The technology behind the Vertex Illumina provides an almost endless array of programmable options including sunsets, sunrises, afternoon scenarios, weather simulations, and more. Wirelessly adjustable by the Vertex Cerebra or a PC, the Illumina makes it possible to adjust the light per color group, modules, optional modules and programmed groups for an unsurpassed level of control.

Another secret of the Vertex Illumina is the Total Modular System. This revolutionary system makes it possible to easily remove or replace any part of the Illumina without having to adjust the wiring and without soldering. You will be able to effortlessly upgrade the Vertex Illumina to keep up with new trends.

Long service life is a top priority and this is another area where the Illumina shines. The Illumina uses a Thermovap heat sink design with a high bypass internal exchange, central to an oversized bilateral heat sink. This heat dissipation technology is, in a stylish way, the most efficient technology at the moment used for LED lighting.

Designed, made and assembled by Vertex Aquaristik in Austria, and available in 350mm to 1850mm fixtures, these units offer the highest quality in the aquarium lighting market. With unsurpassed light intensity and unprecedented energy efficiency, the Vertex Illumina is the ultimate combination of style and content.

Vertex illumina 260 Features

  • Width: 300 mm
  • Available lengths: 350mm, 650mm, 950mm, 1250mm, 1550mm, 1850mm
  • Height: 32mm (45mm center).
  • Length of the cable from the fixture to the wall plug, 3 meters.
  • Body / Heatsink made of anodized extruded aluminum.
  • End caps, split box and other plastic parts made of PC.
  • Clear Cover made of super clear PC suitable up to 125 ° C.
  • CREE XP-G White at 7000 Kelvin, XP-G Blue at 470nm, XP-E Generous Blue at 450nm.
  • 40W consumption per pad, 16LEDs per pad, 8 White, 4 Blue and 4 Generous Blue.
  • Expected LED lifespan 60,000 hours at 125 degrees core diode temperature (per manufacturer).
  • One of the highest Lumen factor available; LM80.
  • 80W per 300 mm / 32 LEDs per 300 m) / 2 modules per 300 mm.
  • Optional extra modules for fine tuning of color available in red, green and UV.
  • Available in 90 270 V / 50 60 Hz.
  • Delivered without mounting kit.
  • Optional mounting kit available.
  • Meanwell power supplies. 2 year warranty, certified, UL / CSA / TUV / PSE / EMC / ETL / GS.
  • CE, EMC and RoHS certified.
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty.
  • Designed by Vertex Aquaristik "Made in Austria".

Vertex illumina 260 Design

  • Thermovap heat sink design, sleek yet most efficient heat dispersion technology.
  • Wireless communication between LEDs and controller. Communication via; IEEE 811.15.4 Sensor Net.
  • Air shaft thermal interaction design for maximum heat dissipation.
  • Optic-free design ensures maximum coverage and sufficient penetration.
  • Fully modular, all parts can be exchanged by removing the plug connections, no additional wiring is required.
  • Easy to upgrade and repair due to its modular design.
  • User-friendly driver and menus.
  • Can form a network to other luminaires.
  • Only one power cable for all Illumina fixtures.
  • Orange / Black, back-lit LCD Controller.
  • Available PC software for expert settings, accessible via the optional Vlink USB stick. Communication via; IEEE 811.15.4 sensor Just via the USB stick.

Technical data

  • LED chips are driven at 750 mA and use 2.5 W each. All LEDs are controlled under the recommended maximum power to extend the service life.
  • Luminaire Power: (300mm: 80W), (600mm: 160W), (900 mm: 240W), (1200mm: 320W), (1500mm: 400W), (1800mm: 480W).
  • LED core temperature: around 105 deg C.


  • LCD controller for demo, adapted and light studio advanced color composition.
  • Fully controllable for every LED color group, modules, extra modules and custom groups.
  • Programmable, sunrise, sunset, afternoon scenarios
  • Weather simulation, clouds, lightning.
  • Promoted color composition, perfect to adjust via Vlink.
  • Real-time color change via Vlink; view the results live in your aquarium.
  • Synaptic 29.5306 day lunar cycle check via Vlink.
  • Multiple lighting options available via Vertex Vlink USB.
  • The Vertex Illumina can be connected directly to the Vertex Cerebra for extra total network management.


  • All diodes and components of the Vertex Illumina connect wirelessly to a network "with each other", "within each module", "between modules" and "modules and the controller".
  • Easy to upgrade or replace modules, through a complete wireless communication between the components of the Illumina and a unique distribution of energy.
  • Extra modules available in red, green and UV, in addition to the current LEDs in your lamp, to set the color of the light as desired. These can be installed very easily and are automatically recognized by the software.

Special Highlights

  • Grow any type of coral, regardless of their need for light.
  • 50% less energy consumption.
  • No busy but natural sparkle.
  • EMC certified. The Vertex Illumina has no influence on other electronics or devices in the area.
  • Effortlessly upgrade.
  • Super sleek and modern design.
Vertex illumina 260 - 65 cm.
Vertex illumina 260 - 65 cm.


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  • Vertex illumina 260 - 65cm.

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