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Jecod WiFi dosing pump 2.4 set

Jecod WiFi dosing pump 2.4 + 5 m. Hose + 3-fold dosing container. 4 channel Wi-Fi dosing pump which has a sturdy aluminum housing. Pump has a control panel, but can also be fully operated ...

Jecod WiFi dosing pump 2.4 set

The Jecod WiFi dosing pump 2.4 is the latest dosing pump of the brand Jecod / Jebao in a set with 3-fold dosing container (3 x 1.5 ltr.) And extra 5 meters 4/6 mm silicone hose. This new dosing pump is equipped with WiFi, also has a display and buttons on the housing and can be operated from the smartphone or tablet.

The Jecod dosing computers are ideal for the daily dosing of additives. For example when using the Balling method, DSR etc. for seawater aquariums and for the Estimative Index, Redfield Ratio etc. for freshwater aquariums.

Advantages of the Jecod WiFi dosing pump 2.4 set

  • Easy programming on your smartphone
  • Can also be programmed via the display on the dosing pump
  • The setting of the smartphone can save time for beginners and more accuracy to avoid input errors on the traditional LCD dosing pump
  • Ideal for dosing CA / MG / KH or RO
  • Max Program 24 times a day per pump
  • 5 meter silicone dosing hose
  • 3 x 1.5L dosing container

Difference between Jecod 2.4 and Jecod 3.4

  • Jebao 3.4 is ONLY WIFI control,
  • Jebao 2.4 is WIFI + LED screen with manual control

+ Coral Box Liquid fluid box 3 x 1.5L

Dosing containers for storing stock solutions / liquids in combination with a dosing computer.

3x 1.5 liter container.

The Coral Box Liquid fluid box 3 x 1.5L is suitable for the storage of water or additives for your aquarium. The Coral Box is the ideal combination with a dosing pump.

Features Coral Box Dosing container

Equipped with connection for the hose to the dosing pump. Easy to open at the top and therefore fill. 3 reservoirs yet compact.

Each reservoir has a capacity of 1.5 liters. Display content in CM or CC meter making it easy to operate and control

Specifications Coral Box Liquid fluid box

Dimensions: 30.8 cm x 10.8 cm x 16.5 cm

Jecod WiFi dosing pump 2.4 set
Jecod WiFi dosing pump 2.4 set


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