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Flipper Cleaner Standard

Flipper Cleaner is a new and innovative magnet cleaner for your aquarium. The Standard is suitable from 6 to 15 mm glass thickness.

Flipper Cleaner, Flipper Magnet Cleaner

Flipper Cleaner is a new and innovative magnet cleaner for your aquarium.

The patented design makes it possible to turn the magnet in the aquarium by simply turning the outer handle!
With a large soft cleaning pad on one side for daily maintenance and on the other side a 'flip over' to a stainless steel blade for removing the hard algae. Flipper Cleaner is the only thing needed to keep the glass crystal clear without wet hands!

Flipper Cleaner is easy to retrieve through the vertical orientation of the magnet. The Flipper is made of the strongest rare earth magnets and suitable for freshwater and seawater aquariums up to 25 mm glass thickness. Each Flipper has 2 knives: 1 stainless steel for use with glass aquariums and 1 ABS knife for use with plastic aquariums. (Flipper Nano only has a stainless steel blade).

Why turn around?

When using magnets with only a knife, daily maintenance takes longer and the knives wear very quickly. Removing hard algae is much more difficult with a magnet with only a cleaning pad.
The Flipper Cleaner is the only one that does both!

  • Using the Flipper is easy once you know how it works. Read the instructions carefully or view the instructional video before use. Turn the Flipper around where the current is less and close to the water surface.
  • The maximum glass thickness for the pinball machine is 25 mm (Flipper Max).
  • The blades are made of 316 stainless steel which makes them very resistant to rust. The Flipper can stay in the aquarium and the blade should function properly for months. Of course depending on the use.
  • The Flipper Cleaner can also be used with curved windows.

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Flipper Cleaner Standard
Flipper Cleaner Standard

Video Flipper Cleaner Algae Magnets


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