Red Sea Dry Sand (Reef Base)

Premium Aragonite / sand from Red Sea for sea and reef aquariums.

- Premium quality, natural aragonite, high in essential elements.
- Promotes the stabilization of the pH and Alkalinity (KH).
- Easy to use, ideal for all seawater fish and corals.
- Available in Reef Base Ocean White / 0.25-1 mm / 10 kg and Reef Base Reef Pink / 0.5-1.5 mm / 10 kg.

Red Sea sand Reef Base - Reef Pink

Reef Base is a premium dry aragonite sand that is recommended for marine and reef aquariums; high in essential elements and promoting stability of pH and alkalinity levels. Col...

Red Sea sand Reef Base - Ocean White

High-quality, natural aragonite with a high content of essential elements ....