Jecod T5 UV-C filters

-Stainless steel housing for increased efficiency. Up to 35% more efficient than plastic equivalents due to the reflective properties of the stainless steel housing.
- A chemical-free solution for the effective long-term control of green water.
- Suitable for seawater or freshwater environments

Jebao UV-C 36 Watt

Jebao UV STU - 36GS - length 60cm for max. 36,000 liters ....

Jebao UV-C 55 Watt

Jebao UV STU - 55GS - length 71cm for max. 55,000 liters ....

Jebao UV-C 75 Watt

Jebao UV STU - 75GS - length 99cm for max. 75,000 liters ....