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Deltec SC1351 + controller

Deltec Sc 1351 is one of the newest generation of protein skimmer from Deltec. For aquariums from 350 to 600 liters

Deltec Sc 1351 New With Performance Control

This is the newest generation of protein skimmer from Deltec, the foamer is equipped with the latest DC pump, it has a number of advantages, they are very quiet, and consume half the current compared to a magnet pump. The pump can also be adjusted in capacity, making it very easy to adjust the foamer.

Deltec SC1351 specifications

  • Internal version, with a new generation of DC pump,
  • The protein skimmer has a diameter of 145 mm and a total height of 505 mm.
  • Produces between 100 and 1300 liters per hour (pump is adjustable).
  • Consumes 13 watts.
  • The bottom plate is 210mm X 140mm.
  • For aquariums from 350 to 600 liters
  • The inlet is 25mm and the outlet is 40mm
  • There is a damper on the air intake.
  • Millimeter adjustment for the foam height.
  • Better plastic used for cleaning.

Deltec is a company that has been producing Protein Skimmers for more than 25 years, and this successfully. The foams are made by hand and will last for years. The Deltec pumps have a specially loaded needle wheel, which is capable of producing very fine air bubbles. Deltec also has a patent on this needle wheel. After two years of development, Deltec has now launched a new series of foams. With a self-developed pump that is extremely quiet and specially developed to produce a lot of air with low power consumption. With this, Deltec has set a new standard in the market in the field of efficiency.

To obtain a good comparison with other foams, Deltec has put a new term on the market. The ETA Ratio [energy to air ratio] translated into Dutch means the flow-to-air ratio. The new foams have an ETA Ratio of 60 on one, which means that at 25watt the foamer produces 1500ltr of air per hour, compare this with the old model with the converted Eheim. It consumed 36 watts and supplied 600 liters of air. This is a huge improvement.

The foamer is constructed in such a way that it is impossible not to let water that has already passed through the pump again. Only the polluted water is sucked in. This is due to the patented double chamber technology. This has given the foamer 40% more capacity and has also become a lot lower compared to its predecessors. Because the foamer draws in extremely much air, there is also immediate results.

Deltec SC1351 + controller
Deltec SC1351 + controller


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  • Deltec SC1351 protein skimmer + controller

    Deltec Sc 1351 is one of the newest generation protein skimmer from Deltec. For aquariums from 350 to 600 liters
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