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ATI Power Cone 200is (500-1000ltr)

ncluding external controller for adjusting pump performance The new PowerCone combines a number of new technologies that have led to an extraordinary and unparalleled e ...

ATI Power Cone 200is (500-1000ltr) / ATI PowerCone 200 iS DC

Including external controller for adjusting the pump performance

The new PowerCone combines a number of new technologies that have led to extraordinary and unparalleled efficiency.

The benefits of the PowerCone:

Conical construction
The new conical body of the PowerCone provides a softer compression while climbing the foam.

Very efficient pumps
This new generation pump shows a clear increase in air intake with lower power consumption.

New construction
During use, the entire enclosure of the PowerCone is filled with fine bubbles, whereby maximum use of the reaction chamber is achieved. 100% of the water that comes out through the outlet is free of bubbles. This is guaranteed by the particularly large cross-section of the lower square parts of the PowerCones.

Silent operation
The multiple disconnection of the pump and the skimmer causes the operation noises to be reduced to a minimum. The damper also prevents annoying suction noises.

Easy to use and maintain
The internal water level in the PowerCone can be adjusted easily and accurately by the smoothly operating water drain knob. This stepless adjustment makes it possible for the skimmer to be wetter or drier skimmed.

Adjustable outflow
The water drain can be placed on both the right and left sides of the lower square construction element of the PowerCones. Moreover, the outflow direction is freely adjustable.

Easy to clean
The foam bowl can be easily removed for cleaning. There are no annoying elements in the neighborhood that can make this more difficult.

With modern production procedures (CNC production), only high-quality materials are used for the PowerCone.

Unparalleled price-quality ratio

The new pump technology from the PowerCone
The heart of the PowerCone skimmer series have been specially developed for these disperser pumps that clearly differ from the current skimming pumps on the market. Because of this new technology (patent pending) the PowerCone 250 has more than 2700 l / h air intake with only a consumption of 35 watts. In other words, now we can use only one pump instead of the 2-3 Sicce pumps, as we did before.

This huge increase in production is achieved through the application of new, partially protected, technologies.

The new technologies

Grid wheel instead of a needle wheel
One of the most important innovations is Gridrad. Due to the linked up structure, the Grid-wheel is just as stable as the previously known needle wheels. On the other hand, a considerably higher performance is achieved with the special spatial lattice structure through a surface that is considerably larger than with needle or thread wheels with the same dimensions.
The grid wheel thus combines the advantages of the high stability of the needle wheels with the clearly higher ranges of these wire wheels. Having to replace wire wheels over time is a thing of the past.

Improved air valve
In principle, almost all air inlets are located near the water inlet where an air and water mixture is created in a ratio of 1: 1. The stronger the pump, the more air it draws. ATI wanted a high air intake with minimal use of electricity! They had to redesign the intake mouthpiece to offer maximum air yield while maintaining a minimum wattage. They came up with the vortex theory. While the pump draws in the water, it creates a vortex. The biggest negative pressure is in the center, or the eye of the storm. By placing the air inlet in the center of the opening of the pump, they saw a significant improvement of the air-water mixture to as much as 1.5: 1.

At the same time, the new nozzle shows a suction strainer which is fully removable for easy cleaning.

Optimized pump housing
Another important detail to this huge increase in productivity is the, also specially developed, pump housing. Up to now, pumps were originally used for the transit of water. However, pumps for a "thinner" mix of air and water require different requirements from the pump housing than is the case with ordinary water. That is why the new pump is optimally cut to current technology for thin air and water mixtures.

ATI Power Cone 200is (500-1000ltr)
ATI Power Cone 200is (500-1000ltr)

Specifications ATI Power Cone 200is Protein Skimmer Internal

  • ATI Power Cone 200is Protein Skimmer Internal
  • Suitable for aquariums from 500 to 1000 liters.
  • Air intake: 1800 to 2000 L / H
  • Consumption: 23 - 25 watts
  • Height: 526 mm.
  • Dimensions: 420 x 225 x 516 mm.
  • Maximum water level sump: 20 cm.


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  • ATI Power Cone 200is (500-1000ltr)

    Including external controller for adjusting pump performance The new PowerCone combines a number of new technologies that have led to extraordinary and unparalleled efficiency. Suitable for aquariums ...
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