Aqua Medic Ecodrift x.1 flow pumps

Note: No longer available. The Aqua Medic Ecodrift x.1 has now been succeeded by the new Aqua Medic Ecodrift x.2 and x.3 series, which is quieter and uses the new sine-wave technology.

Only the EcoDrift Wireless Master Controller and the extension cable for the x.1 series are still available.

Aqua Medic EcoDrift Wireless Master Controller

Wireless controller for EcoDrift flow pumps of the x.1 series Two channels that can be set separately or in parallel for connecting any number of flow pumps of the EcoDrift x ....

Aqua Medic Extension cord 1,8 m DC Runner/EcoDrift

Aqua Medic extension cable, length 1.8 meter, to be used for the Aqua Medic DC Runner and EcoDrift pumps ....